Haiti earthquake: cruise line offers help

'Eager to take [aid] as soon as possible'ROYAL Caribbean has offered to ship aid to Haiti as the devastation caused by Tuesday’s massive earthquake becomes clearer.

A statement released by Royal Caribbean said: “Site inspections of Labadee, Haiti, our private destination, report no apparent damage to our buildings, pier and attractions.

“Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises are eager to take guests, as well as humanitarian assistance, to Haiti as soon as possible, though we are awaiting confirmation from the Haitian government on when our return is feasible,” it continued.

The fact that the Labadee facility survived the disaster may be critical to improve the flow of humanitarian aid to Port-au-Prince, whose piers were badly damaged by the  7.0-intensity tremor, according to a US Coast Guard inspection.

IHS Global Insight commented: “There is a risk of outbreaks of violence within the coming weeks if humanitarian aid does not reach all of those affected. A refugee crisis could also arise, affecting the Dominican Republic and probably the United States; such a crisis can only be avoided if international aid reaches Haiti in time.”

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