Shipping barriers slow quake aid to Haiti


EARTHQUAKE relief at Port-au-Prince, Haiti is delayed indefinitely due to heavily damaged port facilities preventing vessel access to cargo docks.

“The real trick right now is trying to identify someplace in the area that is both suitable and safe to bring in a vessel,” Crowley spokesman Mark Miller told Fairplay today. “What kind of vessel that is, no one knows at his point. But whatever cargo is delivered will have to be handled either on a ro-ro basis or the carrier will have to have one or more cranes onboard,” Miller said.

The potential for unidentified debris submerged by the effects of the 7.0-intensity tremor can further complicate the situation, Miller added.

Crowley calls on Port-au-Prince twice a week. It diverted a vessel en route to Haiti at the time of the earthquake on 12 January to Rio Haina, Dominican Republic.

US Coast Guard officials reported multiple oil and fuel spills as well as possible sewage spills in the area of the port. They also reported multiple small fires along the shoreline and significant damage to or destruction of infrastructure at the port.

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