EU: Chinese goods most dangerous to consumers

AN EC STUDY has revealed that Chinese products topped the list of dangerous consumer exports, IHS Global Insight reported today.

Products manufactured in China, most of which reach Europe via ship, accounted for more than half of the dangerous products last year, a rise of 7% from the year before. Toys, clothing, textiles, and motor vehicles were the chief culprits, accounting for 60% of alerts issued last year, Global Insight said.

The EU’s consumer panel stressed that progress had been made on these concerns, but it added that EU administrators would stress during a visit to China in June that dangerous products must be blocked at source.

The study, published yesterday, based its findings on the EU’s rapid alert system, which was set up to ensure that information about such products is quickly relayed to national authorities. Such notifications have more than quadrupled since 2004.

The increased number of cases reported indicates improved transparency, Global Insight commented, but many Chinese imports to the EU still do not meet international health and safety standards.



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