Brazilian orderbook set to surge

Aaron Kelley | TRADEWINDS.NO

Rolls-Royce says it expects to pocket $18.6m from fresh systems orders placed by Brazilian shipowners.

The company will supply propulsion and control systems for seven offshore support vessels (OSVs) that are under construction in Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro-based Companhia Brasileira de Offshore (CBO) has placed an order for four units that will be installed in offshore vessels being built at local shipyard Alianca.

Deep Sea Supply will take one unit while two have been ordered by Siem Consub. Both companies have ordered ships at Brazil’s STX Promar.

Industry experts have been sceptical about the country’s ability to manufacture technologically advanced vessels that are capable of operating in the treacherous “pre-salt” regions off the Brazilian coast.

A senior executive at Rolls-Royce used Friday’s announcement to reiterate sentiment supporting the region’s bright future.

“Brazil will be one of the most important offshore markets in the years to come,” Helge Gjerde said in a statement. “A considerable number of vessels and rigs are to be built in the next five years.”

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