SAFETY | Two dead after lifeboat fall in Brazil

Two crew members from the oil rig Ocean Ambassador were killed due to multiple injuries and two other were injured after the lifeboat they were on board fell into the sea of the Campos Basin yesterday (17) afternoon.

The accident was first reported by the Brazilian company OGX.

The Ocean Ambassador is owned by Diamond Offshore and operated by Brasdril, a Brazilian company.

According to OGX, the accident happened while the lifeboat was being hoisted back to the platform after a drill.


For those who may be not fully aware of what may have gone wrong (and how bad it can be), it is worth watching this:

Having said and shown this, it is hard for me to call this accident “unfortunate”.

As a simple google with the terms “lifeboat accident fall” can prove, this sort of disaster is too frequent — and the repercussions, often unacceptable.

This should be more than enough for any sensible safety management system to consider the risk ‘intolerable’ and prevent anyone from being on board.



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4 responses to “SAFETY | Two dead after lifeboat fall in Brazil

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  2. I found out that this post was mentioned by Bob Couttie in his great site

    He develops further on the issue, adding a host of very important references. A must-read to anyone who cares about lifeboat safety.

  3. many thanks for the kind words and the mention!

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