MARITIME | Collision off Singapore causes oil spill

By Dale Wainwright | TRADEWINDS.NO

An AET aframax has collided with a bulker off Singapore Tuesday spilling an estimated 2,000 tonnes of crude.

The incident happened [yesterday, 25] at 06:10 local time in the traffic separation scheme (TSS) of the Singapore Strait, about 13 km southeast of Changi East.

The ships involved are the Malaysian-registered Bunga Kelana 3 (built 1998) and the St Vincents and Grenadines-flagged 25,488-dwt bulker Waily (built 1983).

Both vessels are now anchored in the Singapore Strait. The Waily and the Bunga Kelana 3 are about 11km southeast and 7km south of Changi East respectively.

“The Bunga Kelana 3 is reported to have been hit by the bow of the other vessel as it was travelling from east to west in the TSS,” AET said.

It also confirmed that a “quantity of cargo” had leaked from the vessel and that booms were being placed around the ship to contain the spill.

Singapore’s Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) said it sent four emergency response craft to the area when it was notified of the collision.

The MPA said it has also activated oil spill response companies which have deployed three craft equipped with oil spill equipment.

The MPA’s Port Operations Control Centre has issued navigational broadcasts to ships transiting the TSS to keep clear of the anchored vessels. Traffic in the TSS is said to remain unaffected.

“There was no report of injury to crew members. However, the Bunga Kelana 3 suffered damage to one of its cargo tanks, resulting in an oil spill,” the MPA said.

“The master of Bunga Kelana 3 estimated that 2,000 tonnes of crude oil could have spilled into the sea,” the Authority added.


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