BRAZIL | ‘Tragic’ bulker auction

Duden was severly damaged by a fire off Tramandai, Brazil

Brazilian authorities are selling a Turkish bulker six months after its owners abandoned the vessel following a fatal fire onboard.

The Brazilian Navy hopes to pocket at least $1.3m from the auction of the 27,000-dwt Duden (built 1981) which is scheduled to take place within the next month, according to local media reports.

The ship was anchored in the port of Rio Grande following a fire ripped apart the vessel apart while it sailed off the coast of Brazil.

Sources say proceeds from the auction will used to cover salvage bills [of over US$ 500,000] incurred by the Navy.

As TradeWinds has reported, a fire broke out onboard the Duden last November. One crew member died and 22 were rescued.

Clarkson Research lists the Turkish-flagged Duden as controlled by Sohtorik Denizcilik of Istanbul, while Equasis says the ship’s manager is Sotrans Denizcilik.

According to Equasis, Lloyd’s Register had suspended the vessel’s classification as a result of the November casualty.


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