FOREIGN AFFAIRS | EU imposes its own sanctions on Iran

By John Fossey |

At a meeting of EU leaders last week, it was decided that tougher sanctions should be imposed on Iran. The move followed action by both the US administration and the UN Security Council. The various regimes are becoming increasingly incensed by the Middle East country’s uranium enrichment and nuclear development programmes.

In a statement issued after the summit, Herman van Rompuy, president of the European Council, said:  ‘The [European] Union remains deeply concerned about Iran’s nuclear programme and new restrictive measures have become inevitable.

‘The European Council gives guidance to the Foreign Affairs council to implement UN Security Council resolution 1929 and to adopt additional measures at its next session in July.’

These tougher sanctions will be targeted at Iran’s financial services and transport sectors with Iran-domiciled shipping and air cargo/forwarding companies banned from operation in EU countries.

Meanwhile, investments in and technology transfers to the nation’s oil and gas industry will also be declared illegal and new visa bans and asset-freezing programmes imposed on members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

The Iranian Government steadfastly declares that its nuclear development programme is purely designed for energy-generation purposes and has declared that it will respond with its own round of sanctions.


The declaration of the European Council on Iran provides additional reading on this issue. It can be accessed here.


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