SAFETY | Hurricane Earl brewing

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A hurricane in the Caribbean has led the US Coat Guard (USCG) to close all ports in the US Virgin Islands and a handful of facilities on the eastern coast of Puerto Rico.

The USCG says it expects Hurricane Earl to make landfall within the next ten hours.

Authorities also expect to issue the warning, dubbed ZULU, for the remaining Puerto Rican ports as Hurricane Earl gets closer to the Caribbean islands.

In addition to advisories tied to commercial shipping vessels and small craft, the storm is expected to disrupt ferry loops that link Puerto Rico to the US mainland.

“All intra-island ferries in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands transiting ports under port condition ZULU must cease operations and be secured at their designated mooring facility when port condition ZULU is in place for their respective port,” the USCG wrote in a statement issued Monday afternoon.

According to the US National Weather Service, Hurricane Earl is a category three storm capable of producing winds of up to 120 miles (195 km) per hour.

Source: Tradewinds


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