CRUISE | Cold case for travel company

A group of British cruiseship passengers are suing a travel company for injuries sustained after part of an iceberg struck their vessel off Norway three years ago.

A fractured skull and shoulder injuries were suffered by some passengers onboard the Alexey Maryshev in Svalbard Islands in August 2007.

Sixteen of the original 148 all-British passengers are now suing a Surrey-based cruise company in London’s High Court for damages, the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper reported on Friday.

Discover the World Ltd will be hauled before Justice Blair when the case kicks off in March with claims of less that £50,000 per person expected to be lodged, the paper reported.

The 1990-built Russian research vessel, which is used as a cruiseship, was on a 10-day cruise in the region when it approached the Hornbreen glacier.

However, part of the glacier sheered away causing large waves which swept some ice debris onboard the vessel.

A total of 18 people were injured in the freak incident. Four, including one crew member, had to be flown to a hospital in Tromso on Norway’s mainland with more serious injuries. A further 14 were taken to a local hospital with 10 later allowed to rejoin the cruise.

Read an account of the incident at Times Online

There were 22 Russian crew members onboard at the time of the incident. Its operator, Dutch outfit Oceanwide Expeditions swiftly said it was the first accident it had suffered since it began trading in 1982.



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