ALCOHOL ON BOARD | Tipsy tanker master fined

The captain of a Singaporean-flagged chemical tanker has been fined over £1600 by a British court after he failed to submit to a breathalyzer test following an alcohol fuelled arrest.

A judge handed down the ruling just a day after Rajesh Kuman Singh, 41, was arrested by police on suspicion of being drunk while at the helm of the Norden-controlled 44,000-dwt Nord Fast (ex-FD Nord Fast, built 2008), according to a statement from the UK Maritime and Coat Guard Agency.

A pilot who was assisting the master in steering the ship into the Fawley oil refinery early Wednesday morning tipped authorities to the master’s condition.

After failing a preliminary test, the captain was arrested and hauled to a nearby police station where he offered a second speciman, but refused to submit to anther test as required by UK law.

Commenting on the plea deal, a magistrate at the Lyndhurst Magistrates Court said: “This is a very serious matter which was aggravated by your position of authority and your responsibility for the vessel and crew, her size and the amount of fuel cargo that she was carrying.

“It is however mitigated by the fact that there was a pilot on board and that you did try to provide a specimen, your early plea and your clean record.”

Authorities say Port State Control officers from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency detained the vessel at the refinery shortly after the arrest when they uncovered “a number of defects” onboard the vessel.

According to Equasis, the ship is owned and managed by affiliates of Danish owner Norden.

Source: Tradewinds


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