PIRACY | EUNAVFOR-Atalanta area of operation extended

Originally published in http://www.eunavfor.eu/2010/09/eunavfor-atalanta-area-of-operation-extended/, 2010/09/22. Note that there are no details on the limits of the new Area of Operations — an unforgivable omission.

As the effectiveness of protection measures employed within the Gulf of Aden has increased, pirates have started to operate in previously unused areas to avoid interdiction by EUNAVFOR and other Counter-Piracy forces.  Through the 2009 inter-monsoon periods it became evident that Pirate Action Groups were operating at ever greater range to avoid detection.  In light of these changes, EUNAVFOR has increased its Area of Operations to maintain pressure on the pirates and to continue to constrain their freedom of action. In doing so, EUNAVFOR endeavours to ensure that legitimate maritime traffic within the region continues to receive the best protection possible.

“This procedural change will allow EUNAVFOR units to operate more effectively further east in the Indian Ocean, giving them a greater ability to disrupt and deter pirates in this vast area.”, comments Major General Buster Howes, Operation Commander of EU NAVFOR Somalia


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