OFFSHORE | BP forms ‘powerful’ new safety unit

Originally published in, 2010/09/29

BP has formed a new unit to oversee safety across the company following the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.

The oil giant says the division will have “sweeping powers”, including the authority to intervene in operations to uphold safety standards.

Mark Bly, who headed BP’s internal investigation into the hugely damaging US oil spill, will run the new unit.

He will report directly to Bob Dudley, who takes over as chief executive on 1 October.

BP hopes the new unit, along with a number of other organisational changes, will help rebuild trust in the company.

It is also splitting its Upstream business into three divisions – Exploration, Development and Production.

As part of the reorganisation, it will examine how it manages third-party contractors.

BP’s internal investigation, published last month, blamed a “sequence of failures involving a number of different parties” for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

It said it was responsible in part for the disaster, but also placed some blame on other companies working on the well.

Safeseas note 1: to learn more about the “blame” of other companies, I would suggest this BBC’s article: Who’s blamed by BP for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Safeseas note 2: in such big, high-profile disasters, one has to be very careful to avoid the trap of blame. The “blame game” creates an hostile environment to the progress of safety.

Safeseas note 3: 11 men died as a result of the Deepwater Horizon tragedy. This should not be forgotten.


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