PIRACY | Norden’s CEO: let’s boss the pirates

Tradewinds.no | April 11, 2011

Norden has called on naval forces to raise their game in the fight against piracy and prevent “simple criminals” from threatening ships and their crew.

Chairman Mogens Hugo also suggests the use of armed guards on board ship is a “sign of failure” which is sometimes necessary.

In addressing the company’s annual meeting, Hugo said some progress has been made but the steps forward are too small.

“When some politicians say that the only way to eliminate piracy is by establishing law and order in Somalia and develop social structures in the country, I have to say this: it is of course the right solution in the long term, but we do simply not have the time to wait several years for such an effort to be made.

“Here and now it is a question of only one thing; that is to eliminate the pirates’ mother ships, limit their scope of operating and force then back to the coast where an effective coast guard should be established.”

He added: “The effort requires significant naval forces with a clear mandate. It is alpha and omega right now. Everything else is either stopgaps or pipedreams.”

Last month Norden chief Carsten Mortensen told TradeWinds the company was ready to place armed guards on some of its vessels. His words came after Danish owners convinced national authorities to rubber stamp such actions.

Hugo says Norden decides how to protect its ships on a case-by-case basis, with the use of armed guards necessary in extraordinary situations.

“We do not want to do this as it is a sign of failure that corresponds to citizens claiming that they feel insecure when walking on the street and the authorities responding by saying ‘buy a gun’.

“However, armed guards will be one of the tools in the box that we will use very carefully and in extraordinary situations.”



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