PIRACY NEWS | “Fairchem Bogey” yet to be traced

O navio-tanque Fairchem Bogey (foto Gerd Seidel)

Mystery shrouded the whole episode of hijacking of chemical tanker MT Fairchem Bogey with 21 Indian crew members onboard reportedly by Somali pirates from Salalah port in Oman on Saturday.

The  incident was reported through the UK Maritime Trade Operations and there has been no communication from the hijackers till late Sunday.

“We are still not sure as to the demands of the hijackers who are probably from Somalian coast. So far they have not contacted the owners or the company officials or any member of designated authorities,”  Directorate General of Shipping chief, Satish Agnihotri told Deccan Herald.

MT Fairchem, a 26,350 DWT (Dead Weight Tonnes) chemical tanker sailing under Marshall Islands flag  was in the designated anchorage area of Salalah port at Oman, awaiting berthing instructions when the hijackers managed to board the ship from a vessel that was ferrying cattle load.

The ship prior to reaching Salalah had discharged cargo at Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia and from Oman port and was to proceed towards China.

According to Anglo-Eastern Management officials, all crew members, “appear safe with no injuries.”

Giving details about the hijacking, the shipping company officials disclosed that when Omani Coast Guard approached the vessel the pirates asked them to move away to avoid casualties to the crew.

The ship, according to sources, has scurried off towards Somalia direction from Oman.
International maritime operation Oceanus, specialising in dealing with high seas piracy, in its statement mentioned that the hijacked vessel was probably, “transiting southwest of the hijack position and is likely making its way to Somalia.
However, it is possible that the vessel may be used as a mother ship to launch attacks on unsuspecting merchant ships, despite the unfavourable weather conditions prevailing during the Southwest monsoon.”

Source: http://www.deccanherald.com/content/185372/hijacked-ship-yet-traced.html




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3 responses to “PIRACY NEWS | “Fairchem Bogey” yet to be traced

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  2. mastermate

    I dont see much written about this unfortunate incident, in the local Indian newspapers. Sure, if it had been a plane, there would have been a lot of hue n cry. Seafarers….taken for granted….AS USUAL

  3. Anonymous

    Hope that the crew members stay safe…..prayers for them…..

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