New Zealand accuses Rena of ‘cutting corner’

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2 responses to “New Zealand accuses Rena of ‘cutting corner’

  1. I worked as a Navigating officer for one Flag Of Convenience German owned vessel as a 3rd officer. Normally 3rd officer is a very tiring job as you have to do all the fire fighting and life saving maintenance work and also the navigation watch. Sometimes they send the navigating officers to do the hatch cleaning and other labour work too. All vessels now run with minimum crew and they have to work 12 to 36 hours some times to save money for owners. All hours are logged only as 8+2 to 4 hours Overtime only. If you work 38 hours straight it will not be logged. All crew try to keep their job and work hard. After sunset there is no look out watchman on bridge and duty officer is all alone during the watch. Although they will write in the log there is a one seaman on watch in the log book practically there is none because chief officer want them to work as day time to get the other maintenance jobs done on deck. When some incident happens very difficult to prove because everything in the books are fine and the investigators don’t talk to all crew and crew has been instructed not to talk anything to outsiders as they will lose their jobs. Owners act like Hitler or a mafia leader most times.
    I have been so tied doing the navigation watch most times I have felt asleep on the bridge for many hours and the vessel had no look out. Once I was told by a 2 nod officer who worked on an Oldendorff ship that when they were leaving Port Kembla Australia where the deck crew was asked to do the log lashing on deck alone with the 3 deck officers. During this time Captain was doing the navigation watch for 48 hours. It has taken 48 straight hours (Except for 30 min for meals) for the 5 seaman and 3 deck officers to do the lashing. Normally it takes about 30 shore crew about 24 hours to do this in 3 8 hour shifts. (Total 90 shore personal). When you work like this, deck officers are fatigue and they sleep on the bridge. Captain has lots of pressure from the owners and crew and officers has lots of pressure from the Captain. This is not only for Flag o Convenience vessels. I have seemed all developed countries practice the same pattern except Japan. When something happens they always blame the Captain or the crew but owners cover their ass. I still remember there was a email asking the ship to get to port ASAP in safe means. But if you have to go to port in safe means ASAP in not practicable and It will cause more delays. Most 3rd officers (navigating officers) who control these ships at sea are age 21 – 26 and with not with much experience. They get low wages and expecting a 2nd officer promotion they sacrifice their life. Seafaring is not fun anymore. Owners are crooks and they run the Manning offices from Filipino, Indian, Sri Lankan and Chinese mafia members who are politically connected and they are well protected by doing any illegal things.
    Other problem is most Europian officers are drunk 24 hours at sea. Specially Russian, Ukraine and Bulgerian.

  2. Yeh ! I know what you say here is 100% correct. I have had the same with another company which I was working as a 2nd officer. Normally for 3rd , 2nd and chief officer has lots of work and they are restless most time. Can some one prove me how do the manned there hours doing all these work ? They always cheat on there hours of rest. if the show 8 hours rest, That’s bullshit becuae they have to do the paper work douring that rest hours and it is not rest. 3rd officers position is worst as he has to do deck work maintaaining the fire appliances and other lifesaving equipment and life boats for many hours and hard labour.

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