UK: Fishing boat almost doomed by cargo ship

CLOSE ENCOUNTER ... the fishing boat Norseme comes within a whisker of the 9,500-tonne Slidur.

The fishing boat Norseme comes within a whisker of the 9,500-tonne Slidur


A BOAT’s crew had a lucky escape after their stricken craft almost collided with a cargo ship.

The tiny fishing boat broke down on the Tyne near to the ferry landing at South Shields, and became stranded in the path of the 9,500-tonne Slidur as it sailed from Port of Tyne at 11.35am on Friday [25].

The port’s pilot ship Collingwood went to guide the fishing boat Norseme to safety, but a collision was avoided when the master of the Slidur saw the danger ahead, and managed to change the course of the ship with just yards to spare.

The drama was witnessed by South Shields man Derek Richardson, 51, who captured the incident on his mobile phone.

Mr Richardson, a civil servant from Page Avenue, said: “I am amazed that there wasn’t a crash.

“The ship was far bigger than the fishing boat, and at one point they were just about 20ft away from each other.

“It looked like the boat broke down as it was crossing the river. They were trying to restart it, but it wouldn’t go and it was stranded in the middle of the river while the ship was hooting its horn.

“I thought it was very impressive the way the ship managed to slow down and steer away from danger.”

It is thought the container ship was bound for the Continent, while the fishing boat was on its way to the nearby fish quay when the drama happened.

Mr Richardson added: “I had just parked my car and was about to walk into South Shields town centre when I saw what was happening. I was relieved when it was over and no harm was done.”



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