Seems to fit in nicely with some issues in the maritime industry…

Why Lead Now

You’ve just started learning a new skill and you think to yourself “It is really going to take me a long time to learn this.”  You want to become an expert in as little time as possible, but you know you have a lot of hurdles to overcome before you can truly call yourself an “expert”.  Yet, you persevere through the mental anguish that comes with comprehending what you’re learning.  You practice what you learn, and overtime, it becomes second nature.  You become satisfied with the way you do you work and put yourself on autopilot, and that’s when you lose your focus.  At this point is when you find yourself in trouble.

Why might this be an issue?  After all, most employers want you to be able to do your job as efficiently as possible.  If completing your tasks requires little effort on your part because you’ve practiced them…

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