CRUISE NEWS: Meningitis kills MSC Orchestra crewman

From Tradenews, 2012-10-17:

An Indonesian seafarer has died of meningitis in Italy following an outbreak on an MSC cruiseship.

Ermandiasa Gede, 32, passed away on Tuesday nine days after being hospitalised in Livorno, despite intensive attempts to save him.

MSC Cruises released a statement expressing its sadness at the news of his death, while praising the efforts of the Italian hospital staff.

Three colleagues were also taken ill on the 92,000-gt MSC Orchestra (built 1997).

According to the company, a 47-year-old Italian cook from the ship was still on life support, but his condition had “improved markedly” in recent days.

A 26-year-old Brazilian crew member and a 32-year-old Filipino had recovered.

The four were diagnosed with symptoms of meningococcal meningitis, which attacks the brain and spinal cord and is contagious in cases of close and prolonged contact.

Antibiotics were distributed to the 3,000 passengers and other crew members as a precautionary measure.


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