About me!

Welcome to the Safe Seas blog!

My name is Alexandre Gonçalves da Rocha. I am a 38-year-old Brazilian who has been working as a maritime pilot at the port of Itajai since 1998.

Currently, I am one of the members of the Brazilian Maritime Pilots’ Association Board of Directors and a certified pilot trainer.

You can learn more about me here: http://www.linkedin.com/profile?viewProfile=&key=53411717&trk=tab_pro.

Thanks for stopping by!


15 responses to “About me!

  1. Hello, would you be interested in receiving a press release and pictures about our work on seafarers human rights and IUU fishing?
    Many thanks,
    Matt Hird
    Environmental Justice Foundation

  2. Caro Alexandre,

    Muito boas sua idéia e iniciativa. Bem útil à comunidade de shipping internacional!



  3. Valeu a dica do blog, Alexandre, sempre que possível vou ler.

    Um abraço!

  4. Jayshankar

    I want a advise that i have a questions why do you want to join merchant navy? pls give your opition

  5. Hi Alex, your job was great. pls share our blog too.

    we are more concern about seafaer issue, non qualified seafaer make sea not safe, danger for life, and environment with our new generation. pls share with us.

    Thanks you

  6. Hi Alexandre,
    Great blog. Congratulations for collecting and providing so many useful information.
    If you find time review my homepage which is about ECDIS basics and ECDIS in operation.

    Keep sailing and operating the blog.

    Take care

    • les

      I would appreciate non confidential info concerning.
      1. Loading 2 unloading 3 travel time to china and loas size of vales iron ore ships
      Depth of draft port limits to vale , ports at both ends oft trip.
      And the diference of cost to iron ore and with us. (W.A>) And do such vales ship backload.
      Regards and thatk you it is for possible ship improvment research and will tell more later.

      • @les: Sorry to say that is not my business. I can’t give a sufficient reply on that query.

  7. I find your blog very informative and useful.
    Syam Kumar
    Faculty Member for Maritime law, Marine Insurance, P and I Practice, (National University of Advanced Legal Studies,(NUALS) Cochin, India)

  8. aub

    Hello, if you would please provide me with contact information for Dilma Rousseff, The President of Russia, it would help me so much. I am contacting her with a Treaty that must be signed immediatly to prevent an arms race in space. I am having issues locating her contact information. Please respond by email as quickly as possible as this is very urgent! Thank you!

  9. Hi Alex, very interesting collection of articles and comments on the Costa Concordia. Concerning the rescue, I hope they have thought of looking in the elevators/lifts.
    You may be interested in my recent blogs on the Costa Conccordia. You can find these at:

  10. cap jamal

    hi alex iam iraqi marien pilot my experance at all draght and all kinds of ships about 25 years i liketo join with your port as working as pilot there i waite your help ok

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