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MSC Flaminia: Owners Declare General Average


The Smit salvage group engaged on Lloyd’s Open Form terms to fight the fire and tow the 6,732–teu MSC Flaminia (built 2001) from the middle of the North Atlantic to a location 240 miles off the south west of the UK are also looking for security based on a percentage of the cargo value.

Contributions to general average will be assessed by Hamburg adjusters Schlimme & Partners who are working with Rogers Wilkin Ahern of London and Groninger Welke Janssen of Bremen.

Mediterranean Shipping Co, the long term charterer of the MSC Flaminia has told shippers that it “regrets any inconvenience” that the declaration of general average will cause.

The latest photograph of the MSC Flaminia managed by NSB Niederelbe but owned by a Conti Reederei KG scheme appear to show the ship and cargo in worse condition than previously.

But the fire is under control although smoke is still pouring from cargo hold seven immediately ahead of the accommodation.

A list that reached 11 degrees has been reduced to 2.5 degrees by pumping water from the cargo holds into the ballast tanks.

NSB Niederelbe is still trying to find a sheltered coastal area or port of refuge to continue the salvage operation but after two weeks has had no success.

The company’s chief executive, Helmut Ponath, has described it as “shocking” that no European country appears willing to provide a refuge for a German flag ship.

The Swedish Club leads the hull cover of the MSC Flaminia with a 25% share and is also the ship’s protection and indemnity insurer.

Source: Tradewinds

General average can be a nasty surprise to cargo owners, particularly if they have no cargo insurance. If you have any doubt about it, have a look at http://www.cargolaw.com/2008nightmare_msc_sabrina.html#GA — the contribution can exceed the value of the cargo one has on board.


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MARITIME AND INSURANCE: MSC Flaminia blaze probe underway

A damper has been put on theories that hazardous calcium hypochlorite – involved in many containership fires in the 1990s – could be responsible for a blaze that led to the MSC Flaminia being abandoned in the middle of the North Atlantic.

NSB Niederelbe is still checking through details of the cargo loaded on the 6,732-teu MSC Flaminia (built 2001) but says no calcium hypochlorite was on the manifest and no other obvious cause for the incident has yet been detected.

However hazardous cargoes are sometimes misdeclared so the possibility of a calcium hypochlorite related fire can not be entirely ruled out amongst the 2,876 containers on board on the voyage between Charleston and Antwerp.

Smit has signed a Lloyd’s Open Form “no cure no pay” salvage contract for the stricken vessel but it will be Tuesday evening before the chartered in 16,320hp firefighting tug Fairmount Expedition (built 2007) and a salvage master reaches the stricken containership.

An internal company investigation into the casualty is already underway and Germany, the flag state of the MSC Flaminia, will conduct an official accident investigation into the fire which has cost two lives and left three crewmen in hospital.

There is little current information on the extent of damage to the MSC Flaminia as overflights or satellite images of the vessel appear to have not taken place.

NSB Niederelbe has received preliminary information about the incident from the master and senior officers of the MSC Flaminia who are among the 18 crew and two passengers onboard the 311,000-dwt tanker DS Crown (built 1999) which is due to reach Falmouth in the UK on Wednesday evening.

Reports from the crew of the MSC Flaminia indicate that the incident began with a fire around hatch cover Number Four with the explosion following.

The fire was sufficiently serious for the master to order the ship to be abandoned although the MSC Flaminia was 1,000 miles from the nearest land.

The 16,500-hp ocean going tug Anglian Sovereign (built 2003)is currently being loaded with specialist firefighting gear at Inverness including a Cobra lance system that can pierce container walls and extinguish fires within boxes. But it will be Thursday or Friday before this tug reaches the last reported position of the MSC Flaminia.

The MSC Flaminia was on a voyage from Charleston to Antwerp at the time of the fire with a crew of five Germans, three Poles and 15 Filipinos.

The hull insurance of the MSC Flaminia is led by the Swedish Club which also provides protection and indemnity cover for the vessel.

With the hull of the MSC Flaminia insured for an estimated $40m and back of envelope calculations that about 2,900 containers of cargo might have a value of $90m the insurance market appears to be in for another sizeable loss.

Source: Tradewinds

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Fatal Explosion Risk Concerns For Shipping Containers At Sea

Contaminated refrigerant gas in cooling systems of reefer containers caused at least three accidents recently. As refrigerated cargo is increasingly containerized, this may become a growing threat.

Read more at http://www.handyshippingguide.com/shipping-news/fatal-explosion-risk-concerns-for-shipping-containers-at-sea_3230#.Tr24jkSGYPo.twitter

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MYSTERY IN THE HORMUZ | Radar data shows two vessels near supertanker before blast

Radar records indicate two small vessels were near a Chiba-bound supertanker when it was damaged in a suspected attack in the Strait of Hormuz in late July, transport ministry sources said Tuesday.

Data retrieved from the tanker’s voyage data recorder shows two small vessels changing directions several times and making other suspicious moves, raising the possibility they may have been involved in the purported attack.

The Japan Transport Safety Board and the government-run National Maritime Research Institute are analyzing images in the tanker’s data recorder to see whether there is any link to a terrorist attack, the sources said.

The National Police Agency’s National Research Institute of Police Science is checking substances collected from the damaged area of the ship to check for traces of an explosive, the sources said.

The 160,292-ton M. Star was damaged in a suspected explosion while sailing in Omani waters in the western part of the Strait of Hormuz on July 28, leaving one crewman slightly injured.

The radar data shows the small ships sailing parallel to the tanker, passing it and then turning around. At one point, one of the vessels disappears from the radar, a move believed to indicate it had moved to a blind spot, according to the sources.

Operated by Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Ltd., the tanker was on its way to Japan carrying crude oil from Das Island in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, with 31 crew members — 15 Indians and 16 Filipinos — aboard.

The government has set up an investigative panel formed by experts from the transport, foreign and defense ministries as well as the police. Outside experts are also included.

Edited from http://search.japantimes.co.jp/print/nn20100818a2.html

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BRAZIL | Two dead in Rio blast

Two people have died and three were injured following a blast onboard a Gearbulk ship in Brazil on Monday.

The cause of the explosion on the 43,000-dwt open-hatch carrier Auk Arrow(built 1984) at a Rio de Janeiro shipyard is as yet unknown.

All five people affected by the blast at around 22:15 local time on Monday were yard workers at the Enavi Shipyard, a joint statement from owner Gearbulk and Norwegian manager Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Skipsrederi read.

Three people were hospitalised with one seriosuly injured. The other two have suffered burn and leg injuries, the statement added.

“A combined search and rescue operation was carried out by the ship staff along with Enavi Shipyard safety personnel including doctors, but regretfully one person was found dead and another person was declared dead upon arrival at hospital,” the statement continued.

“Three other persons were conscious and able to speak when taken out from the water ballast tank. One with critical injuries was taken directly to the hospital, whilst two other were given first aid onboard and later taken to hospital.

“The local police have attended and all the appropriate authorities will be notified of the incident including the Bahamas as flag state.”

The Auk Arrow had arrived at the Brazilian facility on 25 July to undergo repairs to the ballast water tanks. It is classed by DNV and has P&I cover with Gard of Norway.

Source: http://www.tradewinds.no/casualties/article564330.ece

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SHIPPING | Hormuz open after blast

The Strait of Hormuz remains open to shipping following an explosion onboard an MOL-owned VLCC on Wednesday.

It remains unclear what happened to the 314,000-dwt M. Star (built 2008) with the owner itself suspecting an armed attack but reports citing Oman’s Coastguard as blaming a low-level regional earthquake.

One crew member was slightly injured and one of the ship’s lifeboats was blown off in the incident this morning near the strategic waterway in Omani territorial waters. An initial assessment has also revealed that there is some damage to the Marshall Island-flagged ship’s starboard hatches. Continue reading


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